Better the quality of your life
Reduce stress
Eliminate negative emotions
Build a healthier relationship
Increase work productivity
Learn how to balance technology & inner peace
Become clear with your purpose & organize your life

Your thoughts, bodily felt sense & belief about who you are in the world are inseparable.
Practicing awareness is the key to transforming our perception and our lives.

This is an embodied mindfulness course for the public, meeting one Saturday (full day) per month. Each month, we focus on different topics relevant to deepening the work of embodied mindfulness, covering the 6 phases of awareness. We recommend going through the whole program to produce maximum results; however, registering for the topic you are most interested in or works for your schedule is also an option.

…Being present is no longer enough. How can we cultivate presence as we become aligned with our purpose? We need deep presence and a clear direction.

The Embodied Mindfulness program integrates mind body practice and coaching method. This structured program will help deepen your awareness while finding out what you really want – a clear purpose and direction in life.

Technology is inevitable. How can we balance our external advancement and internal awareness, to be present and be clear with our path?

Physical exercise and nutrition programs are saturated. There is little in the way of environments to exercise our minds, even though it is said that more than 80% of diseases are coming from our stress.

What You Get:

1. One full-day workshop with experiential practice that will change the rest of your life.
2. A manual to master the mechanism of the mind and how mind-body connection works.
3. Daily mindfulness practice and reflection to produce effective results and make a lasting change.
4. Structured homework to drastically shift from who you are today to who you want to be.
5. Unlimited online question/answer during the course of one month/each topic.


The Power of Thoughts – October 21st
Mastering how to shift your negative thoughts to positive ones.

Body’s Felt Experience – November 11th
Mastering how to manage your emotions and feelings.

Identity – Sense of Self – December 2nd
Mastering awareness of your perception and who you are in the world.

Ego & Soul – January 13th
Mastering how to identify your ego/defense to take actions from your soul/compassion.

Habits & Self – February 10th
Mastering how to overcome your habits and become who you want to be.

Purpose & Presence – March 10th
Mastering your life purpose and deep presence through meaning and love.

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