Learn the holistic approach to teaching Pilates
Master embodied mindfulness & whole-body Pilates movement
Learn how the mind and body are intimately connected
Understand the body based on living anatomy & bio intelligence
Study the psycho-emotional body & energy medicine

Embodied Pilates Teacher Training is a blend of a mindfulness course and whole-body Pilates movement training. This combined training, based on a holistic approach, makes the work truly comprehensive to take care of our mind and body – our total health and well-being.

…Being present is no longer enough. How can we cultivate presence as we become aligned with our purpose? We need deep presence and a clear direction.

Course Overview

Embodied Pilates Teacher Training consists of:

Your experience is your teacher. We do not encourage our students to memorize the material or develop a fixed mindset that something is right or wrong. This approach gives you a fundamental trust in yourself as a teacher – you “know” in your body rather than learned abstract concepts.

Requirement for Completing the Course:

– Take 6 mindfulness modules, 6 Pilates modules, 3 anatomy modules (91.5 hours)
– Complete assignments, mid-term, final (60 hours)
– 100 hours self-movement practice
– 100 hours of meditation
– 100 hours of teaching practice
– Total 450 hours



9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Forma Gym Walnut Creek, Mind Body Studio,
1908 Olympic Blvd. Walnut Creek CA

Registration for the Fall 2017 training is now close. Please contact us to be notified for the future course.


Anatomy: Foot-Leg/Pelvic Girdle & Connective Tissue Part 1 – Saturday, October 28th
Mindfulness Module 1: The Power of Thoughts
– Saturday, October 21st
Pilates Module 1: Core Coordination – Sunday, October 22nd

Mindfulness Module 2: Your Body’s Language: Felt-Experience – Saturday, November 11th
Pilates Module 2: Tensegrity – Sunday, November 12th

Mindfulness Module 3: Identity – Sense of Self – Saturday, December 2nd
Pilates Module 3: Psychosomatic Postural Analysis – Sunday, December 3rd
Anatomy: Spine/Breath & Connective Tissue Part 2 – Saturday, December 9th

Mindfulness Module 4: Ego & Soul – Saturday, January 13th
Pilates Module 4: Injuries & Rehabilitation – Sunday, Jan 14th

Mindfulness Module 5: Habits & Self – Saturday, February 10th
Pilates Module 5: Become an Outstanding Teacher – Sunday, February 11th
Anatomy: Shoulder/Neck & Gamma Motor System – Saturday, February 17th

Mindfulness Module 6: Purpose & Presence – Saturday, March 10th
Pilates Module 6: Pilates Business – Sunday, March 11th

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