What is Gen-Do Mindset Coach?

Gen-Do means “a path to embodiment.” Embodiment means occupying the body and walking the talk. Many health and wellness professionals become so busy helping others that they lose attention and intention for their own lifestyle—they become “talkers” (telling others what to do) instead of living what they preach.

Gen-Do Mindset Coaches embody the awareness practice, and train people to become embodied awareness practitioners. The coaching method is simple.

Because we live an embodied lifestyle, we transfer that practice, understanding, and experience to our clients.

A Gen-Do Mindset Coach can facilitate the Gen-Do Mindset Trainings, taking people from where they are to where they want to go. The work is specifically designed to alter people’s subconscious programming—the root cause of all results—to produce the outcomes they want.

The 10-month Gen-Do online Mindset Coach Training Program can be started anytime and completed from any location.

Who is the Gen-Do Mindset Coach Training Program for?

This program is for personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, massage therapists, psychotherapists, and wellness coaches who want to take their practice and business to the next level.

How does Gen-Do Mindset Coach take my business to the next level?

By teaching you to address the root cause of all results, behaviors, and beliefs: the subconscious programming. Gen-Do Mind Body Coaching will target and transform your personal programming first, so you can teach others to do the same. What if you were to become highly effective in transforming your clients’ habits and behaviors? Word of mouth would travel wide, and retention would soar. This is the real impact people are looking for!

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