There is a way to transform stress—and there is only one way: Stop thinking. This might sound like a joke, but in fact it’s true. Here are some important points to help you understand how people experience stress.

  1. We don’t get stressed based on the environment. We create stress from inside.
    Let’s say two people face exactly the same situation. One of them, Bob, feels highly stressed, but the other one, Sally, remains calm and happy. Bob’s stress is generated based on his interpretations, not the environment.
  2. Interpretation is shaped by your belief system and memories.
    Childhood conditioning plays a critical role in how we respond to our environment. Our past is encoded throughout our bodies as a form of implicit memory. Our past experience and traumatic events fuel assumptions and beliefs.
  3. Thoughts and beliefs are always rooted in the past.
    More and more in modern society, we act like machines controlled by our thoughts. We think we live reality, but in fact we live in our thinking. Because we think all the time, we remain unaware of all the memories carried in our bodies. As a result, we react to the environment, forgetting (or not realizing!) that the root of our reaction (our stress) lies in our bodies.

    So . . . stop thinking. That’s the first step to reconnecting to your body. Only by paying attention to what our bodies tell us, can we change our childhood conditioning and rise above our unconscious insecurities.

    Thinking blocks us from embodiment.

    By expanding our capacity to feel our body, including any subtle sensations, and learn to feel our thoughts we can relate to the world around us through feeling rather than through the abstractions of thoughts. Thinking is a product of language. Our cognitive ability is, essentially, silent language. However, the body has its own language called felt sensation.

    So, once more: Stop thinking. In order to get in touch with your felt-sensations—the first step toward transforming stress—you must learn to liberate yourself from your thinking mind.