Phase 1

6-Month Self-Transformation Program

You will be working on the following topic every 2 weeks.

Weeks 1/2

Your Soul Vision

Set your life vision from a soul level,not from the conditioned self.

Week 3/4


Bridge the gap between intellect (living in your head),and embodiment (living what you preach).

Weeks 5/6

Subconscious Programming

Understand subconscious programming, and how it develops and changes.

Week 7-8

Who You Are in the Quantum World

Become clear about who you are in the quantum world to optimize performance.

Week 9/10

The Conscious Mind

Utilize the conscious mind to change results from the inside out.

Week 11/12

Internal Self-Image

Develop your internal self-image to move closer to your desired outcome.

Weeks 13/14

Overcome Fear

Overcome fear with awareness and understanding.

Week 15/16

Belief & Behavior

Harmonize your beliefs and behaviors to be fully aligned with the universal mind.

Weeks 17/18

Attitude of Gratitude

Practice being in control of your attitude— thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Week 19/20

Lead Yourself

Lead yourself with awareness first

Week 21/22

Become An Exceptional Leader

Become an exceptional awareness leader in the modern world.

Week 23/24

Leverage Your Presence

Understand and practice the art of collaboration
to leverage your presence.

Phase 2

4-Month Mindset Training Facilitation Program

You will be working on the following essential items to develop a strong practice.

Coaching Skills

Learn how to effectively facilitate mindset trainings by:
(1) understanding the concepts,
(2) practicing listening skills,
(3) being able to ask powerful questions, and
(4) gaining capacity to direct the session through the energy field.

Home Practice

Master the Home Practice Archive and be able to choose the most effective tools and techniques that will lead clients to their fastest growth.

Creating Your Brand

Become clear about who you want to be, and the unique contributions that will make this program your own.

Soul to Soul

Everyone wants more. That is the nature of our souls. And, everyone hesitates. That is the nature of conditioning.When you believe in the work you do, and speak from your soul desire to reach your client’s soul desire to grow, you will close your sale.

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