“As a fellow Pilates teacher and bodyworker, I’d like to think that my high opinion of Yuki holds weight. He is an excellent teacher. He is extremely observant.”

“I met Yuki when he came up from LA to take my class several years ago. I was impressed right away. Yuki was a teacher in training at the time and it was rare and delightful to see someone at that stage with such good technique and obvious passion for the work. The fact that he is a man made it all the more rare and special. Over the years, I have had the chance to work with Yuki privately and study along side him in workshops. I see that his commitment to Pilates, both for himself and as a teacher has grown right along with his talent.”

Kristi Cooper

Co-Founder of Pilates Anytime, Inc.

“He understands how to challenge you, on an individual basis, and I always find that the guidance he offers is always “spot-on.” He understands the importance of flow and keeps the movement dynamic, even when the movement is at its most subtle. his nurturing, kind self always helps me achieve my best self so that I inevitably work to my fullest potential in every session. He is incredibly knowledgeable on so many levels regarding body-mind-spirit and he works with his clients from an extremely holistic perspective. he is a very skilled bodyworker and the combination of his teaching skills, his hands-on skills, his intuition, and his potent observation lead to, week-after-week, great sessions.
I leave my sessions feeling energized, worked, and calm. I cannot recommend Yuki enough as a teacher. Teachers like Yuki don’t come around very often so if you have the opportunity to work with him, I suggest you make that happen.”

Jennifer During

Pilates Teacher & Bodyworker

“Having Yuki empower his vision in my yearlong Passing the Torch Mentoring Program was truly an honor. Rarely do you have a student whose passion, dedication, years of embodied studies, and vision to create an embodied movement certification program for Pilates teachers is coupled with the commitment to empower teachers to have a meaningful career that nourishes and sustains their own lives and deeply feeds the body and soul of those they serve.”

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Director of Education, Pilates Center of Austin
3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective Continuing Education

“I had the privilege to meet and work with Yuki during BASI Pilates’ comprehensive teacher training course. Yuki has an astute nature, an appetite to learn and an inquisitive mind. He is conscientious, thoughtful and gracious. With his dance background and years of study in human movement, have only complemented his understanding and abilities to perform and teach the Pilates method to a caliber many strive for.
Yuki holds a comprehensive education in Pilates and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), he is of sound education and highly knowledgeable in kinesiology and biomechanics. NMT is a specialized form of manual therapy that can only enhance the Pilates experience, health and well-being. I highly recommend Yuki to my friends, colleagues and anyone.”

Lisa Hubbard

BASI® Pilates Faculty, Rhythm Pilates™ Founder

“Yuki’s abilities as a Pilates instructor transcend the average or expected. With his unique approach to movement, one that includes mindfulness and spirituality, Yuki brings a wholeness to the practice that is unparalleled in my experience.
Yuki’s presence as an instructor is accepting of the moment, which gives him the ability to make any context, ability, or skill-level an appropriate starting place…he is truly a Teacher.”

Lacy Martinez, MA


“I take this opportunity to wish Yuki every success in the world. Yuki has been a student of mine on several courses and agreed to be a model for Pilates Anatomy, authored by Karen Clippinger and I. Yuki is a wonderful mover and brings to the work professionalism and seriousness, and at the same time compassion, humor and a warm energy.
Anyone that chooses to study with Yuki, I am certain, will enjoy and benefit from the process as much as I have enjoyed being Yuki’s teacher and mentor.”

Rael Isacowitz, MA

BASI Pilates®, Founder and CEO

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