The term “mind-body” has become really popular in modern U.S. culture—most noticeably in California. Today, like Forma Gym, a growing number of health clubs have a mind-body studio. Mind-body integration is definitely a trend. In fact, I see it as the “next sexy thing.”

We live in a fast-paced society where everyone seems to be on a never-ending go-go-go treadmill. Modern life is so hectic, we all need to press “pause” to get some downtime. We need time to reflect, stop doing, just breathe, and be.

In the health-club industry, mind-body integration is a “hot” trend. By developing mind-body unity and performance, we not only become fitter and healthier, we also become more confident and attractive. No doubt about it, mind-body health is a beautiful thing—both inside (mind) and outside (body).

Silence and Mind-Body Balance

Mind-body balance often comes from a practice of deep silence, where the incessant chatter of our monkey mind shuts off for a while. Silence can happen in stillness or during a sweaty workout. Either way, this quality of silence can ground you deeply in your body, and give you increased mental clarity. When your mind-body tingles with vitality after an energetic workout, you feel sexier, more attractive . . . and this is something others will notice, too.

As social creatures who like to be liked, we naturally tend to do things that others like to do. We tend to gravitate toward what’s “hot,” and, consciously or otherwise, we frequently monitor the media or listen attentively to conversations to find out what other people are excited about.

As the saying goes: “Different strokes for different folks.” Not everyone jumps on the same bandwagon, but we all like to be onboard some bandwagon. We like to feel up to speed and part of a current trend. Some folks like to tune into the latest music by their favorite artist; others get turned on by inspiring ideas coming from the frontiers of science. Take me, for example: I happen to really like quantum physics and electromagnetic field theory—because they give me a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. In fact, I find exploring these ideas much “sexier” than watching Beyoncé strut her stuff on stage.

Let me clarify what I mean: My passion is exploring, practicing, and teaching mind-body unity, and helping others use this to improve their lives. Problem is: Modern science focuses only on the “body” half of this unity. Even when it addresses the “mind,” it really only looks at the brain and nervous system. This has spilled over into modern medicine and health care, too. Unfortunately, the biomechanical point of view that dominates modern medical science limits our potential by ignoring the crucial role that our mind—our consciousness—plays in how our lives unfold. Without sufficient focus and awareness on the mind half of mind-body integration, we sell ourselves short by treating our body as an object, as a kind of “machine.” Our minds give meaning to life and everything we do—including engaging in fitness and movement routines to build healthy bodies. We ignore the mind-body connection at our peril.

That’s why in my work I always encourage clients to open up to the balance of yin-mind and yang-body. We need to live healthy, fulfilled—and, yes, sexy—lives. One of the most effective ways to cultivate mind-body integration is through the intentional practice of silence. In silence, we can pay closer attention to whatever shows up both in our minds (thoughts, emotions, judgments, etc.) and in our bodies (sensations, movements, pain, pleasure, etc.).

In silence, you let your body guide you as you explore these subtle qualities. With practice, life becomes a series of enriching moments that help you maintain optimum mind-body health and performance. Without a healthy mind-body, it’s hard to imagine anyone being “sexy.” And that’s why I see the trend toward mind-body workouts as the next sexy thing.